About Us

Our company has been engaged in foundry industry for more than 20 years with multiple products types, including grey/ductile cast iron parts, die-casting aluminum parts and lost –wax stainless steel parts.

In order to meet the needs of global economic development, we have added 3D Printing service, truly realize one-stop service from 3D printing to Casting. With constant focus on our client’s needs, we keep improving our service, to save clients’ time and efforts as much as possible.

A continuous good and stable quality is benefit from quality process control in production management. Meanwhile, a fast and flexible delivery is based on integrating activities and slight adjustments in the chains of production.

Before we started new project or products, we always provide our customers with detailed technology evaluation and advice, simulating the casting process and mapping out any risks. As a result, we can produce products as efficiently as possible, to exceed clients’ needs and expectations.